Yes.. God has graced me. My music topping Charts & Favouring me with the best Deals a Gospel Artist can e.g SAFARICOM AMBASSADOR & Fisrt Gospel Artist On COKE STUDIO…. But I Must admit it’s not been an easy Journey the last 2 yes of my Music Ministry. I know You wondered why I Invited my Brothers Willy Paul & Daddy Owen for lunch. Some also why invited GROOVE AWARDS Founder Mr. Kev Muley to make a speech Yesterday at my ‪#‎BahatiInLove‬ Thanksgiving. But it’s because Even with my Success My greatest Calling is to preach through my LifeStyle & Pride has never been part of Me. And for the Last many Months have been through a Time of Prayer Searching my inner man & that’s why I have been in a Season of making Peace with everyone Not Focusing on whether I was Wronged or not. NOW WRITING this Brief Apology to you my Family & fans because I Feel Even if I was wronged I would have approached it in a More Mature Way not on Social Media or Blogs which blew things Up giving the Church a Negative Picture. So sorry to the Pastors & Church Leaders. However I still don’t regret coz at the time of my Stardom I was Still Young -19 yrs Old. All I can say God has still been a Father to me. He made My Mistakes a Class that has taught me a lot; I take it as part of my growth. I Know am blessed with mature fans who felt let down by my Immaturity & the many Mistakes.. but as you keep On Praying for me in this new start…. I REQUEST & ASK THAT YOU MAY FORGIVE ME PLEASE

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